Man’s Thought vs. God’s Thought

God already said in the bible that the thoughts of men are nothing compared to the thoughts of God. His thoughts are higher than the humans. That is why Jesus did not write any book but only used the Bible to testify to Himself and explain the gospel that all people of the earth must understand and receive for salvation. There are many people who can speak many things about the Bible. But the sad fact is that it is from their own thought only.

There are the Saduccess and Pharisees who knows very well the Bible. They know the words Jehovah has spoken and memorized them into their heads. But why did they instigate the crucifixion of Jesus? They are the teachers at that time of the laws of God but what happened to them? Do you think they were saved? They even said that they will accept the punishment of crucifying Jesus. They said they cannot believe in Him because he is just a man. That same thought is present until this time.

With just the questions above many would present their answer. Then how can we know what should be the answer? Surely there are verses they will present and it would cause a debate. But the conclusion was already given in the Bible. King Solomon who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes said there is nothing new on this earth. It has happened before and it will happen again. But one thing is for sure, all words of God will come true in its time.