The false healing are exposed through illustration

One of the lies that is being used at this days so that people could make money is to make miracles. People who want to make easy money can make themselves a pastor or prophet. They will first build an identity to make themselves look credible and they seem to know the words of God. They can voice out verses in the Bible just randomly when they preach and people just believe them because they do not know if it exists in the Bible or not.

In the video above it shows how faith healers make fake miracles. As there are people in this days who are ignorant still with the words of Jesus, they just go with the flow. They are deceived by the miracles they thought are happening. In truth, they are just fake and nothing has improved as shown in the video. It is just the scheme for people to make themselves rich. It is already written in the Bible that miracles are not the works of God at this age. This is one of the best bridal ever. Jasmine special bridal serves you the best attire for your special wedding day. They do the creative design of wedding dresses only for you.

The truth is that it is the sign of the work of Satan. You can read in the Bible that miracles were done in the times of Jesus and even in the Old Testament times. But in this last days, it is the sign of the false prophet and so we should not follow them. People are looking for God but in the wrong places. They were deceived rather than receiving what their soul needs, the promise of salvation.

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