Christian Apologetics

Do you already know what the Christian apologetics means? You can read writings by people who claim they are apologetics. You can also watch videos being labeled as an apologetic view. It is said that apologetic started at the time of the apostle Paul. He is the apostle who had written many books in the New Testament and he himself has defended the Cristian faith. Christianity means it is the faith that believes in Jesus who came in the flesh is God himself who has the name Jehovah in OT.

Then what is the faith that the apologetics are defending at this time? let us first know some of the histories of it. It came the time when the apostles no longer exist on this earth. There are many who are now considered Christians believingĀ in Jesus as the savior. It has spread to the Gentiles and so many Greeks and Romans also became one. The problem was that they have still their own beliefs from their previous religion and they do not want to throw all of it.

That is why they have made their own theories and teachings that they like to believe that fit into their previous belief and Christianity. They then made human reasoning so that they could defend their faith to anyone that challenges. It is true that we should defend our faith just like the apostle Paul but what did he use to defend his faith? Did he write theological and philosophical books to explain about Jesus? Did he prove the divinity Of Jesus with his own understanding?